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What is the benefit of cashless car insurance

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Discover the perks of cashless car insurance, hassle-free coverage that saves time and money. Read our blog post to learn more and reap the benefits now!

Almost every vehicle insurance company offers cashless payment option for repairs or replacement at its network garages to make the claim process more convenient and straightforward. To provide this facility, the insurance companies collaborate with car repair services & garages.

An insurance firm will resolve your car insurance claim in cashless mode at these collaborated garages. It means the insurance provider will pay all repair costs directly to the garage on your behalf.

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of cashless car insurance and how it can help you protect your vehicle!

Cashless Car Insurance: Is it beneficial for you?

If there’s an accident, you need to get in touch with your car insurance carrier to transfer your vehicle to one of the cashless car repair shops. Your car will be inspected and fixed in these garages, and the payable amount will be paid by the insurance provider.

Moreover, cashless car insurance takes away most of your financial stress related to car repair and replacement. So, if you buy car insurance, ensure to verify the number of cashless car repair shops available in the insurance company’s network. The more extensive the network, the better.

Cashless Car Insurance Plan: Advantages

If you repair your four-wheeler at any cashless car repair shop, you can avail of the following perks.

1. Effortless Claim Procedure

One of the primary advantages of having a cashless car insurance policy insurance policy is that it offers an effortless claim procedure. In case of any damage to your vehicle, you can simply visit any of the network garages associated with your insurer and get your car repaired without having to pay anything from your pocket other than the deductibles mentioned in your policy document.

The garage will directly send the bill to your insurance company. This is a huge benefit, especially when you are stranded on the roadside with a damaged car.

2. Prioritization For Servicing

The partner repair services listed in the insurer’s network always prioritize individuals holding a car insurance policy for servicing. You can expect quick servicing at such cashless garages. As the network garages instantly contact your insurance provider, things go smoothly from payment to repair.

3. Quick Claim Settlement

Compared to reimbursement claims, which usually take 7-10 days to get resolved, claim settlement gets done instantly and efficiently at cashless repair shops. You can expect quick procedure as the insurance company evaluates the surveyor’s report for authorizing the claim before starting any repair work.

4. Transparency

The insurance company’s surveyor is also involved in the claim procedure.

The surveyor visits the cashless network garage to evaluate and report everything to make the complete settlement a highly transparent process.

It’s okay to say that cashless car insurance streamlines the claim filing process to make it quick and simple. Apart from being more transparent and faster than the reimbursement method, it ensures excellent customer satisfaction as approved network garages ensure high-end repair quality and superior service.

Claim Procedure for Cashless Car Insurance

No matter the cost of car insurance, the cashless claim procedure for your vehicle is similar to the reimbursement claim process, with minimal variations. To make the most of the cashless insurance claim, you would need to take your car to any network garages for repair.

For making a cashless claim, check these steps:

• Step 1: For a cashless claim request, you can get in touch with us @1-800-266-4545 and provide your necessary details.

• Step 2: Once your claim is registered, you will get a call from Kotak General Insurance giving you a Claim Reference Number.

• Step 3: You need to produce necessary documents, including an RC copy, driving license, and policy FIR copy that is in line with the policy T&C.

• Step 4: An inspection of the incident will take place. It is usually conducted within 24 hours if the claim request is received on a working day. In case the claim is reported on a Sunday or a public holiday, the claim inspection will take place the next working day.

• Step 5: Once the cashless facility is approved by us, the vehicle gets repaired at the preferred network, and the payment is made directly to the garage.

• Step 6: You will be required to pay the deductible as mentioned in the policy and depreciation value as informed by the surveyor. Final Thoughts

The notion of cashless insurance got started in the healthcare industry first. Eventually, its increasing popularity has led motor insurance firms to add it to their automobile insurance policies. At Kotak General Insurance, placing a request for a cashless claim at any of the network garage is a breeze, just pay the deductibles that you are entitled to and the entire claim settlement is done.

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